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Several days ago I followed a link and came across a 57 segment YouTube series by Chris Duane.  He examines the current financial system and recommends courses of action to take before the inevitable financial collapse.  Why inevitable? Because a DEBT based financial system we have (all US currency originates from the Federal Reserve which loans it back to the US Treasury and charges interest on the DEBT dollars just created OUT OF NOTHING) must continue to issue more DEBT each year to cover the outstanding DEBT and accrued interest.

Don’t let me convince you — view the videos yourself — As Chris Duane says, “When you are aware, you can prepare.”

Here is a list of the videos in order:  The Greatest Truth Never Told     Overview page: TGTNT

The Greatest Truth Never Told (TGTNT) is a video series that has been 7 years in research and development.  It is centered around the truth that humanity has been enslaved over and over again throughout history.  TGTNT lays out the case for even the most cynical and indoctrinated individual that…

  •     The paradigm which we operate under is mathematically going to end.
  •     The end of the world as we know it does not mean it is the end of the world.
  •     The way of life we are currently leading is pulling humanity down and should be shown the door.
  •     We cannot change the world to make our self happy or free.
  •     We must change our self to make the world happy and free.
  •     The awakening process is a very hard road for those with no guidance.
  •     All of the problems we face in the world start and stop within our consciousness.
  •     When you realize that you have this power, nothing can stop this change.
  •     Humanity has the ability to truly free themselves once and for all.
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