RVHobo Blog Up

Been busting my butt the last few days working to get the RVHobo.com blog up and running. It is piggybacking on the meganmichael.com domain name, so I don’t have to go through the pain of changing my email MX records.

WordPress seems so easy when one starts but has lots of hidden gotchas to figure out.  Somehow installing a new WordPress installation never seems to go without several days of problems.

Finding a reasonable theme is a real headache.  I’ve tried so many themes and they never seem to have everything that I want.  (Probably due to using FREE themes.

Now, I’m using a theme which I will use until I find one which I like better.

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One Reply to “RVHobo Blog Up”

  1. I like the new blog Chris! It’s a nice way to keep up on you, which your location and well being is always a concern! (Gotta stay safe).
    And the important news you can share, especially with your personal keen eye to pick up the small details that keep us informed!

    Saigon is brave move! Love the picture of Mai…outside with her hat and face covered!

    Feel better. New bugs in new places are hard to avoid.

    Keep me posted!

    Terrie in Mexico!

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