Remote Posting Setup Snags

Since I have written only a few posts during the last several years, I’ve had to re-create my former working environment.

The Windows Live Writer software which permits me to upload the feature image from Windows Live Writer to this online WordPress blog has been successfully re-installed.

Here’s what I had to deal with to re-install Windows Live Writer and getting it so that I could remotely post WordPress posts:

  • WordPress historically has communicated with the outside world, i.e. external software, using XML-RPC protocol. Lately, the outside world has utilized xml-rpc in some malware exploits on WordPress websites.
  • I then needed to re-install the files that I had used successfully several years ago. It’s always fun finding that the software producer has ‘side-lined’ the software so that there seem to be less add-ons now than several years ago.
  • The developer who wrote a featured image workaround software has non-working links on his website so that I could no longer download the zip files that I needed.  No luck here, I had to find my original files.
  • After spending some time, looking though my hard drive catalog, I suddenly came to the realization that the files I was looking for were on my main hard drive. Finding stuff you used to have and haven’t used for some time can be a real pain.
  • After another hour or more of research, sleuthing and testing, I came to the realization that someone had blocked all xml-rpc communication on the website which I host my WordPress blog.  Why? Most likely to prevent malware xml-rpc problems.
  • More research, sleuthing and testing provided me with two WordPress plug-ins:
    • Control XML-RPC publishing (Add The ability to enable and disable XML-RPC from admin) and
    • Rename XMLRPC (Make XML-RPC work if you rename the file. Some hosts block access to xmlrpc.php file making it impossible to use.)
  • The last sentence in the above plug-in – Thank you, Jorge Bernal, gave me the understanding I needed to install the plug-in, rename the xml-rpc.php file and turn/off on the xml-rpc in WordPress.

Presto, it worked!  I can now remotely publish from anywhere on the internet onto both my testing environments and my on-line site. Allows me to also correct and update a post remotely – one almost always notices typos, etc. just when pressing the Publish button or moments afterward.

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