Our End-of-Year Rescue

Yesterday, I was outside talking with our neighbor and he suddenly said, “Careful, don’t step on the fish!”

I looked down and there was a small, orange fish flopping on the driveway.  He said he threw it out because it kept fighting with his other tropical fish.

I knew it was dying, so I picked it up, ran inside and put it in some water, but the water was too cold; so I had to mix some hot and cold water in a 3-cup glass coffee carafe and plopped the fish into it.  It lived, but had to adjust to a different PH in the water, different water temperature and a much smaller living space with no other fish swimming nearby.  It took awhile for the fish to adapt.

Megan calls it “Dreary”, because it doesn’t do much except swim around in the coffee carafe. Megan also says the fish is ‘vain’ because it keeps looking at its reflection in the stainless steel water purifier next the the glass carafe.

I wondered if it was going to make it into the New Year.  It did.  Now what do we do with it?  Do you want a pet fish?

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