Makin’ Website Changes Slowly

I have spent some days looking into ways to change the blog to make it more responsive, i.e. work better on tablets and smartphones.

After several days of reading and evaluating, I purchased the Visual Composer and the Jupiter responsive theme from the Envaro Market website.

I’m now spending learning-curve time experimenting with the new software.  Visual Composer comes with the Jupiter WordPress theme, but I wanted my own copy of Visual Composer so I could use it with any theme.  Visual Composer is a page/post design software which allows one to produce a fairly good-looking website without doing any coding.  We’ll see how well that works out.

Why is it that software which is advertised as being very easy to use and drag-n-drop usually needs a long learning curve to understand it well enough to produce predictable and desirable results?

Complexity doesn’t go away; it just gets hidden from the user (until something breaks)!

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