Huế on Oct 22nd.

Megan & Em Win

Guess we’ve been in Huế for over a week and it’s been raining heavy almost every day and sometimes during the night.  Sometimes so hard that you can hardly hear each other talk due to the heavy rain noise on the tin roof.

Mai received an acupuncture treatment yesterday for her constantly cold feet.  The acupuncturist told her that her cold feet was due to a weak kidney and he started a once-a-week, seven week treatment for her. She also has needs to drink ten pots of some herbal drink.

Victor will be happy to hear that I’ve installed Ubuntu 13.10 onto Mai’s Dell computer (which was missing WinXP network software drivers). Works wonderfully.

I worked yesterday installing NextGEN WP gallery plug-in and had a new photo gallery configured.  Alas, something happened and I had to reinstall the whole test site without the NextGEN gallery plug-in.  Lost over a day of work. Bummer!

Last night was the first night which I slept without major coughing fits.  Each day is a bit better.

There is an open wi-fi channel which we can pickup using our Alfa range extender antennas.

The neighbor, who was in her upper 80’s died last week and we’ve been listening to Buddhist funeral chants for the last five days.  It’s only certain hours of each day — chants, drums and some other smaller instruments.  Guess she needs five days of chanting to make the crossover.  Woke up to chanting this morning.  Today is the day they remove the casket from the living room and take it to the cemetery for burial.  At noon today, the chanting started again.

Generally cleaning up our part of the house — it has been left virtually “as-is” since we left.  Swept, mopped the floors, washed some towels, etc.  Bought missing hardware, etc.  Fixed the 70cc Honda SuperCub motorcycle.

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