General Võ Nguyên Giáp dies at 103

vo-nguyen-giap_CW415General Võ Nguyên Giáp’s death had the Hanoi gov’t declare three days of national mourning, from Oct 11 to Oct 13.  No loud music, dancing or other celebrations for three days.

It’s been unusually quiet for a weekend here in the tourist area. However the bar across the street celebrated a birthday, but without much noise except for signing “Happy Birthday” in Vietnamese.

Most of the normal TV programming was suspended and replaced by the following displayed on the TV screen:
Due to General Võ Nguyên Giáp death normal progamming suspended for 3 days.
The benefit for Megan is that she got to watch “Little House on the Prairie” in English narrated over in Vietnamese.

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2 Replies to “General Võ Nguyên Giáp dies at 103”

  1. That looked like a long and decrepit train. Don’t know Y U had difficulty opening a window there seem to many open in the photos implying no AC. If I saw a long haul bus down here that looked like that train I would not get on it and there are many of them; local buses R pretty much a match!

    Too bad U guys didn’t venture a little further south while U were here I pretty much like this part of the country w/o knowing much about the northern part to compare them.

    Between being sick 5 day funeral dirges and 3 days mourning Giap sounds like UR having a rocking good time.

    Mexico’s great! It’s actually warmer here than Hue and if possible more humid; last night low was 75 & 100% humidity with no wind. LOVELY!!! Got 2 fans going flat out 24/7 makes it just tolerable with a constant supply of ice tea!!! The weather looks like U could touch 70 by morning with only 94% humidity. Haven’t seen 70 since I got here!!

    Sounds like Megan is back in the school routine; tell her and Mai HI!!!!!

    1. John, different types of trains. Older, local trains do not have air-con, but the newer, Chinese, built trains have air-con — that is one reason why the conductor raises hell when you put the window down to take clear photos (bypassing the dirty windows). Thanks — from your comment got the idea of doing Vietnam Railroad post(s).

      We had planned to spend either a 1-day or 3-day trip to the delta south of Saigon, but I was just too weak from the flu and still coughing badly. Just feeling normal the last few days.

      Didn’t have to use the fan yesterday or last night for the first time. Getting cooler here each day — moving into winter.

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