Fixed Leak from Roof Antenna in Award RV

About eight years ago, I called the USA distributor of our Award RV TV/FM radio roof antenna for a replacement part. I was told by the distributor that China would consider re-manufacturing the antenna only for orders of 10,000 units. Since there was no way that the distributor could sell so many antennas, I was faced with the fact that I could not obtain any replacement parts nor a new antenna.

Around that time I had to replace the 2″ x 3″ x 8′ board which ran along the lower (driver) side of the RV because it was rotted away. I thought it rotted due to water splashing up from driving the RV in the rain.

A year or so later, we noticed that the 3/4″ plywood under the refrigerator was rotted out so much that the refrigerator was no longer level and I had to brace it up with some 2x4s to keep it level.

We then later had a small leak in the bathroom above the mirror.

About the beginning of December, I noticed a bulge in the inner ceiling, so I pushed my finger on it and my finger went right through the ceiling and water started dripping onto the floor. Surprise!

We had to put a pan under it until the rain stopped and I could climb the ladder onto the roof. The antenna base looked well sealed and so did the roof window/vent beside it.

The first nice day, I removed all the silicone sealant and used a top-of-the-line sealant around the base of the antenna with dried in 30 minutes.

The next rain, it sill leaked. So I again climbed that ladder and re-checked the window/vent next to the antenna which looked quite well sealed.

I finally decided to CUT OFF the antenna at the base and seal the hollow shaft with a large amount of silicone sealant.

In the next rainfall, which was quite heavy, we had NO LEAK.

The manufacturer never had a rubber seal between the two sides of the antenna and slowly through time the two sides separated so that increasingly large amounts of water flowed through the hollow antenna shaft along the inner ceiling, along the wall and pooled at the bottom of the RV wall.

Sometimes it’s so hard to locate the source of the leak.  And like a pothole in the road, it only keeps getting worse until it’s located and fixed.

NOTE: You can see the black antenna on roof of RV in Megan’s Christmas card.

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