First Days in Saigon

We’re holed up in the Hoài Phð hotel enjoying the air-con and going out to eat Vietnamese food when we are hungry.  Having a hard time getting Megan to go outside.

Mai dresses so much like a normal Vietnamese person that the locals here never suspect that she is a Viet Kieu (overseas Vietnamese) so she gets the normal prices (as long as she goes alone and does not have either Megan or I with her).

I measured the hotel internet speed and it is 20MB download and 21MB upload speed.  No problem getting what I want.

Hot and humid over here — the weather displays rain every day on the browser for Saigon, but hasn’t rained that much.  A very hard rain last night for 20 minutes and then slight drizzle for another 20 minutes.

Have been able to go out to eat and walk around the nearby 3 block park with no problems.  Have to take a shower whenever I return to the hotel.  Uncomfortable, but quite bearable.

Traffic is as heavy as before and the rich Vietnamese kids are partying nearby our hotel until 1am.  Lots of money over here — very, very rich and some very poor.

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