Vietnamese Customs Scam

Vietnamese customs tried to shake down Mai for some money. Her Vietnamese passport didn’t have an EXIT STAMP from when we left Vietnam on May 6, 2011. They had to go look at the computer where it showed that she had left Vietnam.

As soon as I realized that there was a problem, I had Mai give me all her money so the customs guys would have to go through me if they wanted any money. And I watched them like a hawk, so they quickly realized that they could not put any pressure on Mai without me coming to her aid and they would have to deal with me, so they painfully let her continue to the baggage area.

Flight to Vietnam

NEVER take AIR CHINA — the plane was very old (had only large plasma projection B&W screen in the center and small colored screen on each side.  Still had ashtrays.  Poor food and nothing special service.  Air China is from MAINLAND CHINA and they missed Megan’s large suitcase and we had to wait from Friday midnight until Tuesday morning to have them deliver it to the hotel.

I bought a bracelet which pressed the acupuncture point above the wrist and some motion sickness pills and Megan had absolutely no problems during the three flights.

Took three days to recover from jet lag.  Yesterday was the first day Mai and I stayed awake the whole day and slept the whole night.  Megan adjusted the first day even though she was fighting a cough (but no fever).

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico

We’ve had a very interesting time.  First we searched for a RV park which closed a year ago, but the person who answered the phone spoke excellent English.  Then we looked for the RV park which he told us about which was outside of town.  When we finally found it (no RV signs) – no one spoke English and it was priced higher than in the USA.  The hotel seemed quite empty and seemed much to expensive for what they offered.

We then stayed in the parking lot next to Pollo Feliz overnight (which had good internet connection) and drove to the last RV park in San Miquel de Allende — San Miguel RV Park and  Tennis Courts. We waited until a Gringo moved his small Honda car and tried to enter the RV park.  No way!  We were just too long.

I then had a choice of backing up several hundred feet on a narrow road or driving forward to the next intersection.  I decided to drive forward and was doing OK until the trailer scraped the mirror of a parked van.  Luckily, the van was of the newer type and the mirror folded against the car.  Mai was overwhelmed and a Mexican gentleman directed her on how to direct me with the radio.  We finally backed up enough and I drove the truck and trailer on the opposite sidewalk enough to make it past the parked cars.  Mai then held cars back at the intersection so I could make a right turn. Very interesting time and all I have is a scrape on the fiberglass on passenger side of the front of the trailer

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$40 Lifetime RV License Plate

For some years, the Award RV was licensed in Washington State and had to be renewed each August. Since we are now planning to spend more time in New Mexico than in Oregon or Washington, we decided to transfer the Award title to New Mexico.

I went to the local DMV and asked what I had to do to license the trailer and the lady in the office said that she had to verify the VIN before she could issue a new title. I asked if there was any way that someone could come out to the RV park and inspect the trailer because we would have had to pack things away, drive less than one mile to the DMV, have her inspect the RV, drive back and then unpack everything. She said that she would drive to our RV park when she had a slow time. There’s more »»»

4,315 ft Climb in 16 Miles and 20F Degrees Cooler

This is the sign you see leaving Alamogordo before you start the 4,315 ft climb and when you arrive in Cloudcroft after you have driven the 16 mile drive.

Generally, temperature is the 20F to 25F degrees LOWER here in Cloudcroft than in Alamogordo.

We are surrounded by pine trees and in the shade so we have been cool enough not to use the air conditioner during the two months we have been here.

Every time, Mai goes down the hill to Alamogordo to buy food, she can hardly wait to ‘get back up the hill’.

We only have two supermarkets in Alamogordo — Wal-Mart (AKA China-Mart) and Lowe’s Supermarket (not connected to Lowe’s Home Improvement).