Saigon Photos taken on Oct 7th

Some quick photos which I snapped while walking around the park and the local block. Taken with small Panasonic, so quality not particularly good. Feedback appreciated. Will add improved photo support to the blog as time permits.
NOTE: Click on image to view 1024px image and BACKSPACE to return.

1) Mai ‘putering on the hotel bed. Love her smile!
2) Reading newspaper lounging on moto.
3) Also have Pizza Hut and Starbucks now in Saigon.
4) Fellow ol’ timer.
5) Beer anyone? Store which sells only beer from around the world.
6) Public restrooms now available around the park. Reduces smell.
7) Young lady selling counterfeit DVDs.
8) Vendor’s bicycle.
9 & 10) Xe Om moto driver — fought for the South cannot get good paying job.
11 & 12) Mai at Saigon railroad station — sent five largest bags to Hue to pick up later.
13) Painted mural on side of building.