Woke Up to Snow and No Water


We have a heated water hose, but over the summer and fall the heater wire and insulation had moved far enough away from the water hose to have the water freeze overnight in the water hose.

The last photo shows foam insulation on upper left, bare white water hose in the middle, faucet on the right and heater wire in the lower middle of the photo. The white water hose in the middle should be enclosed with the heater wire and foam insulation around the white water hose.

I will have re-insulate and re-tape the water hose later today. While it snows here in Vancouver, WA, it’s unusual – generally more cold rain than snow.

Fixed Leak from Roof Antenna in Award RV

TV/FM radio roof antenna

About eight years ago, I called the USA distributor of our Award RV TV/FM radio roof antenna for a replacement part. I was told by the distributor that China would consider re-manufacturing the antenna only for orders of 10,000 units. Since there was no way that the distributor could sell so many antennas, I was faced with the fact that I could not obtain any replacement parts nor a new antenna. There’s more »»»