RVHobo Blog Up

Been busting my butt the last few days working to get the RVHobo.com blog up and running. It is piggybacking on the meganmichael.com domain name, so I don’t have to go through the pain of changing my email MX records.

WordPress seems so easy when one starts but has lots of hidden gotchas to figure out.  Somehow installing a new WordPress installation never seems to go without several days of problems.

Finding a reasonable theme is a real headache.  I’ve tried so many themes and they never seem to have everything that I want.  (Probably due to using FREE themes.

Now, I’m using a theme which I will use until I find one which I like better.

Has Your Kindle4PC Stopped Working?

Has your ‘Kindle for PC’ software stopped working?  Don’t take it personally – according to Amazon’s forum the older versions of ‘Kindle for PC’ were scheduled to stop running on July 22, 2012!

kindle for pc won’t open

Roy W. Huffman Jr. says:  “Do you have the latest version of Kindle for PC? I understand some older versions were scheduled to stop working on July 22, 2012.”  

I never received any notification – ‘Kindle for PC’ just wouldn’t execute.  Probably was written in China.  No self respecting company, IT manager nor programmer would knowingly create such a ‘screw the customer’ situation.

I, and I wonder how many other people, wasted hours trying to figure out what was wrong.

'Puter Frustrations

Like why doesn’t the image on this post, using ‘Adventure Journal’ theme,  size correctly at 300×210? I scaled it down from 500×130 but the old size keeps being displayed and pushing the accompanying paragraph below it instead of beside it.   Arrrrrrrrh! May have to switch the theme.

Picking out a theme for one’s website is complete chaos.  Why? Because there are thousands of WordPress themes. Of course, I would prefer a FREE theme, but many of them are out-of-date, i.e. they do not have many of the most recent features, like flexible size headings, feature images, etc.

Downloading and trying out each theme is a daunting and time consuming task.  It’s taken me several days and I still don’t have what I want.

I’ve explored WordPress theme frameworks which have features like drag ‘n’ drop, menu selection of feature, color sliders to quickly pick out colors, etc. but everything seems so complex and overwhelming.  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, artistic design, etc.

And before I know it, the whole day is gone; two days are gone…  What progress have I made? Very little.

And this damn keyboard on the Vaio laptop is horrible because if I touch an incorrect key, the cursor jumps all over the screen.  Adding to the problem is that if I barely touch the Vaio built-in laptop mouse pad, the cursor flies almost anywhere on the screen — usually toward the top of whatever I am working on and frequently I even loose my focus.

Using a search engine finds so much information — much of it not relevant and out-of-date.  I often wish retrieved data could be organized from new to older webpages.

It seems that the whole computer reality has gotten so complex that it is hardly fun anymore!  One has to know so much to get so little accomplished.  Or is it just me and I’m getting old?

All of  this information has given me a headache and it’s almost midnight, so I’m going to bed and forget about it all!