Back in US of A

On December 11, we flew from Saigon to Portland, Oregon where my friend drove me directly to VA Emergency (where I had to wait five hours) before I was seen by a doctor who sent me upstairs as an in-patient.

I stayed six days at the VA in a somewhat isolated room because the bacteria I had could only be treated by ONE antibiotic.  The bacteria was particularly easy to transmit, so everyone had to protect him/her self against my urine.

I was later told that I had experienced kidney failure, at least once, but they kicked-back in (not a medical term) quick enough that I could keep on as normal — no dialysis.  Thank goodness!

I was sent home with a picc (IV inserted in one’s arm for up to a month) which allowed Mai to attach an external ball filled with the antibiotic once a day for 14 more days.  Out-patient is much more comfortable for the patient and much less expensive for the hospital.  No use staying in the hospital just to get an IV every day.

BTW, I may have the catheter removed on Dec 30th.  Hope so, it’s getting frustrating (not to mention painful) having the damn thing in there.  It’s my TENTH catheter.

I’m still recovering, so this is not a very lucid post, filled with good grammar nor clear content — but I did want to post an update on the blog.

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